Miss Frenchie Ellie, Chief Executive Frenchie

Hello there, my name is Ellie, and I’m the boss. Beazy told me that I would make a perfect Chief Executive Frenchie for our Seattle small business, so here we are. The pugs like to call me a French bully-dog, but I call it “management”. I’m a dreamer, a screamer, and sometimes a crier (ok, most times). With me in charge, you know we’re going places. I like whatever Beazy likes.



Little Pug Beatrix, Chief Marketing Pug

Hi Everybody! My name is Lil’ Bea and I’m the Chief Marketing Pug of Sprinkle Pups. I’ve got a ton of experience in walking, running, fetching and playing at the dog park, so I know how important it is to look and feel good when out and about. I’m excited to help make walks better for all other dogs too, so I hope you enjoy Sprinkle Pups!

Side note: I told Miss Frenchie Ellie that she should be the Chief Executive Frenchie because she runs around all the time with no real direction, barking and screaming…real CEF material, am I right?



Tipsy-toes Pug, Chief Technology Pug

Greetings everybody, I’m the senior pug in this business group I’ve been a part of the security group at one of the world’s largest online retailers for over 5 years. As the Chief Technology Pug for Sprinkle Pups, I manage all technology and infrastructure for the team. I generally ignore everything that the other two do. In my free time, I like liver.