We're Thankful for You!

Here we are, two pugs and a Frenchie, sitting here, patiently waiting for tonight's Thanksgiving dinner, but while we wait, we're also thinking back about this last year and how, in the middle of this thing our Mom's and Dad's call the pandemic, we managed to start this small company to share our love of pup fashion and pretty things!

So in that spirit, we wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, and local businesses like The Seattle Barkery, who pitched in to support our small business! With your support, we were able to launch and design not one, but TWO, collections of the cutest harnesses and leashes around, expand into cute clothing like raincoats, bows, and dresses that match our harnesses, AirTag cases to help give our parents piece of mind when we're out and about, and even open a store on Etsy to reach new friends!

And through all of these tiny milestones, the thing that makes us wag our tails (for the two of us who have tails, *cough* Frenchie *cough) the most, is getting to see how happy all of our new friends are when they put on their new gear! It's true, there's literally no pup (or cat, or even bunny) that doesn't look amazing in our stuff, and every time we see a new friend wearing our gear, we are just as excited as the very first time we saw a pup in our gear!

So from the bottom of our hearts, to the tips of our wet noses, thank you to the amazing new, loyal friends we've made along this journey so far! We wish you and your families a very, very HAPPY THANKSGIVING and gravy for all!


Bea, Ellie and Tipsy

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