Help Track your Pet with Apple's New AirTag

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If you have an iPhone, you'll definitely want to consider adding an Apple AirTag to your pup's harness or collar for an added level of security and safety. The Apple AirTag is a small, round disc that allows you to track your stuff. Slip it into your purse, your backpack or your wallet...or you can attach one to your pet's harness or collar using a case to help track your pet in the unfortunate event that your dog or cat decides to wander off a little further than you had expected!
It's super easy to use. All you do is place the AirTag next to your iPhone and then follow the simple prompts to connect it. You can even give each AirTag an individual name, so you know what pet or object you're tracking! (My Mom has one called Little Pug Beatrix, and even though I don't want to get lost, sometimes at the dog park, I do get a little too excited!) Once it's connected, you can track your pup or objects through the Find My app on your iPhone, and it'll locate your pup with amazing accuracy if there are other iPhone users in the proximity of where your pet is. Hopefully you won't have to use it, but if you do, you'll be so grateful to be able to do this!
AirTag cases come in a variety of different formats and materials. Some are made of silicone, some are made of leather...some clip on like a keychain. For pets, we've found that the keychain type is a little too dangly and can bother your pet. Instead, we love the kind that attaches to your pet's harness or collar in two locations so that your dog won't even notice that it's there!
We also love the silicone because it's easy to clean and provides a level of protection from impact, which is super important for active pets, and we've also found them in colors that match our Sprinkle Pups collection of harnesses perfectly.
Anyhow, we hope this helps add to your piece of mind! Our cases come in ten different colors!

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