Tipsy's story

Now that I've told you my story, I thought I would tell you about the rest of my squad, starting with my Aunt Tipsy.

First, the reason why I call her 'Aunt Tipsy''s because she actually is my aunt, though it's grand aunt to be specific. Aunt Tipsy just turned 6 years old, and her brother Bourbon is my grandpa.

I was actually the first pup of the squad to join the family. I was just 8 weeks old when I came to my forever family and Aunt Tipsy joined the family about 2 months later when she retired from being a mommy pug. When she first joined, I was soooo excited because I thought she'd play with my and take care of me, since she was so good at being a momma pug.

Tipsy and Little Bea

Boy, was I wrong! I really don't think Aunt Tipsy liked me very much at all. She pretty much ignored all my antics and no matter what I did to try to get attention from her, she'd just pretend like I wasn't there. Sometimes she'd crack though...if I barked and nipped at her enough, she'd eventually snap and lunge at me with a deep growl --oh how I loved that game!

Anyhow, unlike me, Aunty Tipsy rode a shuttle and went to work everyday. This was back when our parents had to go to offices. She never told me where she went everyday, but she did tell me that it was one of the world's largest online retailers. Each day, she went to lots of meetings about web security and computery things like that so I just knew that she'd be perfect to help with my big idea.

Outside of all that, what else can I tell you about Aunt Tipsy? A year and a half later, she's still pretty chill, probably too chill if I'm being perfectly honest. That, and she likes liver.

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