The story of Sprinkle Pups

Hello everybody and welcome to Sprinkle Pups, an online dog boutique for the most stylish and comfortable walk wear!

As you may have read, we are three female pups on a mission to make walks better for the world. You see, the three of us started out by walking with all sorts of different gear. We had collars that were too tight, harnesses that slipped off or rode too low, and leashes that got knotted and frayed. It was frustrating and also somewhat embarrassing. All the three of us really cared about was hitting the pavement or the dog park, yet our play times were constantly interrupted by episodes of equipment failure. THAT, and the fact that all the harnesses and leashes that our moms and dads put on us...well, some of them were downright unsightly, making us targets at the dog park for big dog bullying.

So that's what gave us the idea...who better to make and pick the right products for pups like ourselves, other than the pups themselves?! So Ellie, Tipsy, and myself, Lil' Bea -- we got together and started Sprinkle Pups, a stylish but fun, online dog boutique that will feature our favorite creations. 

And, we make a promise to you -- if we wouldn't wear it, you shouldn't either! Remember, made by pups, for pups!

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