Sprinkle Pups Surprise and Delight

My #SprinkleSquad and I have been really busy on Instagram lately. We've been reaching out to new and old friends, admiring all the incredibly cute wet noses and wagging tails out there. In our scrolling journey, however, we saw quite a few  celebrations out there, so we came up with a really fun way to celebrate with you!

If it's your birthday, your gotcha day or some other special occasion, don't be surprised if you get a note from @SprinklePupsCo asking you to check your Instagram messages. If you get a note like this, it's me, Ellie or Tipsy leaving you a special gift that you can use on anything in our store!

We're looking forward to surprising and delighting our old and new friends alike -- you never know where we might just pop up! But, we also need your help. If you have a special friend who's celebrating a special occasion (or maybe just needs a pick-me-up), let us know by tagging us @SprinklePups in a comment on any of your friends' posts and they just might get a little #SprinkleSquad surprise to brighten their day!

I hope you like surprises #SprinkleSquad, because we sure do! And the only thing better than getting a surprise is leaving one for a friend! See you real soon!

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