Spring Pup-Up Events at The Seattle Barkery

We're excited to partner with both The Seattle Barkery and Church of Pug, the Seattle area's main pug rescue organization, for two Pup-Up events:

  • Saturday, February 19th, 1-4 pm at the Seattle Barkery South Lake Union Treat Shop (2225 8th Ave, Seattle)
  • Saturday, March 5th, 1 - 4 pm at the Seattle Barkery Kirkland Totem Lake store (11900 NE Village Plaza, Suite 160, Kirkland)

Join us to see and try on all of our fashions! We'll have our full line of super-cute, matching harness and leash sets available for custom harness fittings, along with an assortment of clothing and accessories at each of these events. Your pup will be able to try anything on that tickles your fancy, to make sure you find the best comfort, fit and style for your furry family member.

And of course, if we're having a special event, there will most definitely be special offers at the pup-up. So, mark your calendars and come say hello to us at these upcoming events. We'll also be donating 10% of all proceeds from these two events to support our dear friends at the Church of Pug organization to help with the amazing rescue and mobility work they do!

We hope to see you at the pup-up, but we invite you to browse through our stuff now!

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