New Sprinkle Pups Designs are Here!

Wow, I am really excited to share our second collection of stylish matching harness and leash sets with you all today! It seems crazy that Ellie, Tipsy and I started Sprinkle Pups just a few months ago, with a few ultra cute designs that we created ourselves, and today, we're launching our second collection!

This time around we got our inspiration from the sea, the land and the sky, with one design representing each. And, we're thrilled to have designs that we think all of our friends will like -- boys, girls -- any and all of our floofy pals will look great in these!

My personal favorite is Ladybug Love, while Tipsy's favorite is Magical Moon. Ellie...well Ellie...she frantically loves them all, which makes sense, cuz she's the designer on our team (and we also let her think that she's Chief Executive Frenchie too). Anyhow, take a look at our new designs and let us know which one is your favorite. Is it Under the Sea, Ladybug Love, or Magical Moon?

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