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I was so excited about Lunch Day -- oh drat, I keep forgetting -- Launch Day, and now that the day is done, I can say that it went exactly as I imagined it would! First, I unveiled our beautiful new harness collection using my signature move! Then (I don't care if Mom says it's 'Launch') me and my squad went ahead and celebrated Lunch Day with a yummy barkeuterie board filled with snackies of all types!

Of course, it kept getting better and better because my girlfriends all joined in and they all shared photos of themselves in their snazzy new gear! First my friends Junebug and Gigi packed their new gear and headed off on a weekend trip, where they wore their pink and blue new looks all over town! Then, my cool, cool pal Piggie joined in the fun and we got to see how excited she was when her pretty pink package arrived. Then, when she finally put it on, just wow!!!

Of course, it just kept getting better, my friends Beatrix and Stevie (or Trix and Nicks as we like to call them) showed off their bee-autiful new looks in and out of the snow! Right after that, sweet pug Lulu (who my Mom thinks looks exactly like me, btw) showed off how pretty in pink she was in her new gear. And then Hattie Bee, my oh-so-floofy friend, she dazzled in what-else-but-the-bees!

And it didn't end there, because then my pals Mabel and Winnie...well they were pretty in purple, and I'll be so excited to play with them fur reals one day, when we can be Threesies in our Bee my Honey harnesses.

Then...can you believe it...then, one of my besties Penny, she also showed off her purple power and together, me, my squad and my girlfriends --WE CRUSHED IT!!!

So anyhow, I was a very tired puggy last night with all of this, and the excitement from getting our first bunch of orders in -- yay!!

Thank you to all my friends, near and far, who shared in the excitement with me, Ellie and Tipsy on our Lunch Day! Every like, every click and every comment made us SO happy!

We wish we could send you all snackies to celebrate (well two of us do, anyway), but since we can't, we are sharing:

  • This [expired] code, that will get you 40% off any one item ,the Everything (but the dog) Bundle excluded. But hurry, it won't work after Friday, February 19th, and it's special for Lunch Week!
  • This giveaway! One of you friends will get the Everything (but the dog) Bundle, and two of you will get a $20 gift certificate for our stuff. You can play along through Wednesday, February 24th here!

I hope you like what we're doing and I hope you like our stuff!



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