How to dress your pup cute for less

Hi there pups, it's me, Lil' Bea again and today I'm not talking about snacks, I'm talking about how we pups can dress cute for less! After all, it's a myth that you need to buy expensive, designer clothes for your dog to look good. In fact, all you need is a good eye for the basics, a needle, thread and a couple of key basics (I use my Sprinkle Pups harnesses as centerpieces) that you may even already have. Think pretty ribbon, cute buttons or tiny appliques!

Here are a few examples of what I've done (with a little help from my Mom, of course!):

  • My New Year's Eve dress. It was pretty cute to begin with, but a little boring at the same time with very muted gray's and off-white sorts of tones. But, it had great underlying structure, so I asked Mom to add some satin ribbon in my signature yellow color, and it went from just nice to over-the-top cute just by adding two satin yellow bows! I think this is one of my favorite dresses ever.
  • My Christmas dress. Mom came home one day with a plain red sweater dress, again cute, but a little boring. So we whipped out the Christmas ribbon and few jingle bells and made bows to sew around the skirt. Super-de-duper cute AND when I did my signature spin, I made the merriest jingle bell noise!
  • My denim dress. Who doesn't love a denim dress?! But for me, I needed to make it mine, so I got a couple of tiny bee appliques and stitched them to the collar! And while that tiny touch made it cute for close ups, it also looked totally amazing with my Sprinkles on Top harness, and yep the two together totally made my outfit, and boy did heads turn when I went out on my walk in my urban chic blue walking outfit!

I hope this inspires you on how to up-level your wardrobe from basic to bedazzling! Please let me know what you come up with by sharing your fashion DYI's on Instagram and tagging @SprinklePupsCo!

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