How I became a pug-epreneur

I bet you're curious why Ellie, Tipsy and I decided to become pup-epreneurs. Well, let me start with my story.

It all started about a year ago when I first got my degree from puppy school. I studied real hard and went to class every week. Mom and Dad were super proud of me when I finished school and they watched proudly as I walked down Aisle 5 in my graduation cap.

I really enjoyed class, but in the end I decided not to pursue my graduate degree. Truth be told, I actually did enroll in graduate school for advanced puppy manners, but then COVID happened, and online classes just weren't the same. That and my yak chew habit was getting expensive and my dad threatened to cut me off. Really, I needed to become more independent and buy my own yak chews because I was going through at least one X-Large per week.

So I set out to find a job. At first I tried working as a calendar pug, but that was no good because I could only get jobs once a year. Then it finally dawned on me while I  was on a walk one day--I would start a business making walks better for all pups. I mean, who would know better than a pup like me would know what other pups really needed and wanted?! 

So that's how the idea began. And that's when I gathered my French Bullydog sister, Ellie (who clearly had much experience bullying) and my Aunt Tipsy (who had years of experience in web security for online retailers) together and we just decided to do it and start our very own business!

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