Hooray for a giveaway!

Two of us really love to share our stuff away and one of us doesn't (though she is actually getting better about it with the exception of sharing yak chews -- no it's not me!!). Anyhow, in our last board meeting, the majority out-voted her, and the decision was made to have a fantastic giveaway to celebrate our first week as pupapreneurs!

So that's what we did and we hope that you'll have a chance to join the fun! It's real easy to enter, and you can enter as many times as you like. All ya' gotta do is follow @sprinklepupsco on Instagram and then tag one friend per comment on our giveaway post. More is usually always better though, so if you share our post to your stories, you can get 10 whole entries all at once! This is a one time thing though, so you won't have to fill your stories with us (unless you just want to, of course!). You can do that once, but it does get you more entries, so it's something to think about!

Oh, it's prob also important to know that you gotta enter within the next week -- the last day to enter will be Wednesday, February 24th at 8 pm Pacific Time. (Sorry we couldn't go later, but my bedtime is usually around 9 pm, and I need to leave time for a good yak chew session before bedtime also!)

I suppose you probs also want to know what you're gonna win if you're one of our three randomly picked winners, right? Of course you do! Well, the first name we pick will win one of our Everything (but the dog) Bundles! This is a super cool package, because it's literally one of everything we have. But when you get it, you'll see that we picked the colors of our launch collection so that they would look amazing together! You'll have such a lovely coordinated wardrobe for walking -- your friends will be rolling over with jealousy! You gotta choose one size for all of the harnesses in this bundle, but I promise, they are soooo pretty together!

We're also gonna pick two more names and those lucky dogs will each get a $20 gift certificate to use on anything they want in our store!

I hope those sound like cool prizes to you! All the rules are included in our post, but one thing to note...our winners can be from all over the world, but we can only ship to a US address. So if you live in France, for example, (and I'm talking to pups like you, Pixel and Replay haha, you can still enter to win, but you may need to choose a special friend that you have in the US to receive your prize as a gift.

So that's the down low on what we've got going on. I hope you'll be a part of our our #SprinkleSquad!

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